Founded in 2020, Fenjan is the University of Pennsylvania’s premier journal on the Middle East. Through non-partisan, quarterly issues, Fenjan is dedicated to increasing empathy for and understanding of the Middle East among the Penn Community through written and visual work. Fenjan covers countries commonly recognized as part of the MENA region. We welcome people of every cultural identifier and background.

Meet Our Team

Co-Founders and Editors-in-Chief

Laila Shadid '23

Zeynep Karadeniz '22


Robert Vitalis, 

Professor of Political Science & Former Director of the MEC 

John Ghazvinian, 

Interim Director of the Middle East Center at Penn

Feride Hatiboglu, 

Lecturer of Turkish Language & Turkish Program Coordinator

C. Brian Rose,

 James B. Pritchard Professor of Archaeology

Advisory Board

Ali Osman '22, Managing Editor

Ben Winer '23

Maryanne Koussa '21

Nadia Mokhallalati '23

Donya Zarrinnegar '22

Ece Yildirim '23

Oliver Stern '23

Alexander Norris '22

Copy Editors

Anika Prakash '23

Marissa Ephron '22

Art and Design Editors

Eleanor Shemtov '22

 Yasmine Mezoury '23

Layout Editors

Media Editors

Brittany Shore '23

Abdel Hubbi '23

Iman Syed '23

Blake Kernen '22


This journal is made possible by the Middle East Center at the University of Pennsylvania through their funding and support

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